New project Hjálmar with Jimi Tenor

Hjálmar are the reggae kings of Iceland and the Finnish Jimi Tenor is the king of his own world. Hjálmar are known for their old-school roots reggae with strong Icelandic influences (the so called lopapeysu-reggae) and Jimi is an artist hard to define that has always refused the traditional role of the pop artist. He is known as a productive musician whose work lies beyond current trends, and also as a performer who combines the finest elements of afro-american music, spontaneous silliness and shameless glamour in an original way.

These two very different kingdoms have now teamed up to create a new genre of reggae, which they have dubbed ‘doom reggae’. They have recorded an album together which will be presented at Iceland Airwaves, which will take place from October 31 until November 4. Listen to the track below to get a taste of what’s to come:

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