Fiesta Macumba celebrates Dia de los Muertos

On October 27th Fiesta Macumba will be immersed in the Mexican tradition of ‘Dia de los Muertos’. During this edition in Winston Kingdom the dead will come back to life to party once again. Aside from the most danceable Latin mixes by DJ Rodrigo and Poto Peludo the crowd can enjoy some great live music performed by the band Son 5.

The Amsterdam-based Son 5 offers an explosive mix of Latin American music. This collective of eight musicians from Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Chili and The Netherlands translates the roots of folkloric Latin music into their own unique sound. Son 5 mixes the flavours and colours of their different musical backgrounds to create an irresistible party atmosphere. Prepare to dance to music styles like cumbia, son, joropo, huapango, rumba and festejo.

As always, resident DJs Rodrigo and Poto Peludo mix the hottest Latin tracks to heat up the cold October night. For the occasion everybody can also get their face painted in the authentic ‘Dia de los Muertos’ calaveras style by the talented people of Dimension4 Theatre. And to top it off, the real Fiesta Macumba die hards will have a shot at winning a Mexican piñata chock-full of candy and other surprises. Find out how to win the piñata on October 27th.

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