Arts The Beatdoctor releases one track a day

Arts The Beatdoctor will independently release previously unheard tracks from his personal work of the last decade. Starting February 1st, the producer will present one track a day for a period of 28 days. The single tracks can be streamed here. Also available from February 1st will be a downloadable compilation featuring these 28 tracks. As a bonus, this complete download will contain remixes of “All we Are” by Yppah (Ninja Tune) and “Complete” by Xploding Plastix (see the complete tracklist below). Included in the download is a PDF-file with liner notes and memories relating to all the 30 songs.

Since the release of “Transitions” in 2007, and follow-up EP “Progressions” (2008), Arts The Beatdoctor hasn’t released any solo efforts. After years of working on remixes (a.o. Leadsmen, Pete Philly & Perquisite, Giovanca), collaborating with other artists (The Q4, Joe Kickass) and writing screenmusic, his dearmost followers got curious when he shared an old, unreleased track on Soundcloud:

Reactions were overwhelming. People started asking me if there was more to come. Seemingly, they really dug this old work which I found hiding somewhere deep in my computer … Eventually, I went through all the stuff I had laying around, some nearly finished tracks, others abandoned for various reasons, untouched for years. These tracks contain really good ideas that I just didn’t manage to finish before. Somehow they must have disappeared to the background. I’m very happy about finally making these tracks available, and I’m looking forward to see how the world reacts to them.

After releasing this retrospective collection, Arts will continue work on a new solo release and his ever evolving live performance.

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