Arts The Beatdoctor releases free EP with remixes by Kidkanevil, Julien Mier a.o.

Arts The BeatdoctorLast September’s release by Arts The Beatdoctor titled ‘Lazy Thunder’ (Lowrider Recordings, 2013) was well-received by international press and fans alike. Potholes in my Blog, Earmilk and XLR8R were amongst those who praised his new direction, creating beats with as much influence from Hip-Hop beat makers as from movie composers. Several tracks found their way into sets of DJs, who in turn praised the organic and electronic sounds found in his compositions. fLako’s impressive remix of ‘IL404’ is now nearing 100,000 plays on Soundcloud.

After this initial release, Arts the Beatdoctor now follows up with a fresh collection of remixes, in which the remixing artists got free reign to re-organize, re-contextualize, or drasticly reform the original tracks. The result can be found on ‘Lazy Thunder Remixes’, released just last week on Lowrider Recordings and receiving much attention through XLR8R and Thump a.o.

Kidkanevil’s work on ‘Moebius’ Travels’ resets everything in an exquisite dream sequence. The new crispy tactility is breathtaking. Arts The Beatdoctor himself brings a new heavyness to the track ‘Little Brother’, where Ella’s slow vocals are now contrasted with a serious groove. Bastard Sugar adds a mesmerizing freshness to the monumental ‘Ghost in the Machine’ track. Julien Mier takes on ‘Moebius’ Travels’, who is known for his detailed work and complex structures.


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