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HjálmarNot your typical reggae band by far, Hjalmar is from Iceland and mixes old-school reggae with folk music and by so doing has managed to become one of the most popular and active bands in Iceland. It started out in 2004 as a reggae experiment but managed, despite the disbelief of established record labels, to touch the island’s souls with its capturing mixture of sunny reggae and Icelandic musical roots. The band’s authentic sound, sincerity and respect for the music and audience as well have made Hjalmar one of Iceland’s most cherished bands with an appeal to a wide group of audience. The band’s live performances are extremely tight, energetic, colorful and at the same time relaxed.

Hjalmar’s fifth studio album, ‘Orar’ (2011) shows the band digging deep into the roots of dub, experimenting with synthesizers and electronic sound. Their latest projects are collaborations with celebrated Finnish artist Jimi Tenor for the album ‘Dub of Doom’ (2013) and with Erlend Øye for the album ‘Legao’ (2014).

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Icelandic, Reggae